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72 Hour Juice Cleanse – 3 Day Detox Drinks

A couple of months ago, I started getting a ton of acne, my stomach was always going through something, my workouts weren’t working out, and I was feeling generally bad about my health. I came across the 72 hour juice cleanse right after that and got #amazingresults.

However, I didn’t have #amazingfun while I was doing it. So, I went ahead and, with some hit and trial, created my own version of the viral 72 hour juice cleanse with a lot of 3 day detox drinks that my body loved, inside and out.


The concept of this is simple – you start with your kidneys and liver on Day 1. Day 2 is all about going green as far as your food is concerned while Day 3 is a super detox for your colon. The recipes are simple and easy to follow!


juice cleanse kidney liver detox juice drinks

On the first day, you’ll juice –

  • 8 CELERY (sprigs only)
  • 1 LEMON
  • 15 CARROTS

After your day’s juice is finished, you need to have a proper and well balanced meal that should include –

  • 8 oz. of protein (lean)
  • Side of Green veggies

This juicing recipe will make about 64 oz. of juice and you are supposed to consume 1 glass of it every hour. This is such a hydrating juice that you won’t feel much thirsty but the official recipe also recommends that you follow up the juice with a glass of water every half an hour. It will detoxify your liver and kidneys. Essentially, you’ll be peeing a lot during your 8 hours of juicing.

MY RESULTS AFTER DAY 1 – I noticed that I wasn’t bloated at all which is something I experience after dinner every day. As someone who is prone to a lot of breakouts, it was amazing to see that my skin was glowing and I didn’t have as much as a new whitehead on my face. My stomach, after my meal, felt relaxed and I generally felt light – like I’d had a proper meal but didn’t overindulge.


juice cleanse green cleanse detox drinks

On the second day, you’ll juice –

  • 8 CELERY (sprigs only)
  • 1/4 CUP MINT

After your day’s juice is finished, you need to have a proper and well balanced meal that should include –

  • 8 oz. of protein (lean)
  • Side of Green veggies

This juicing recipe will make about 64 oz. of juice and you are supposed to consume 1 glass of it every hour, following it up with a glass of water every half an hour. All the greens in this green juice cleanse are supposed to clean out your entire system but mostly your skin. This detox drink is like spending the entire day in the spa and how glowy your skin becomes afterwards.

MY RESULTS AFTER DAY 2 – My skin was clearer than ever before and if you’ve read about my acne issues, you know that this is something to marvel at. However, I was experiencing a bit of food monotony on this day. I am someone who likes to eat different things – I don’t like repeating meals. It was extremely tedious to drink the same drink over and over again, and the same protein with veggies final dinner dish at the end of the day. In short, it was boring, I wasn’t sure how I would get through Day 3. But the state of my skin made me soldier on.


juice cleanse detox drinks

On the second day, you’ll juice –

  • 8 CELERY (sprigs only)
  • 1 CUP CILANTRO (leaves)
  • 2 LEMONS
  • 15 CARROTS

After your day’s juice is finished, you need to have a proper and well balanced meal that should include –

  • 8 oz. of protein (lean)
  • Side of Green veggies

This juicing recipe will make about 64 oz. of juice and you are supposed to consume 1 glass of it every hour, following it up with a glass of water every half an hour. With the amount of fiber in this day’s juice, your colon would be cleansed as this day promises. If you’re someone who suffers from stomach upsets constantly, this day would be a great day for you. It will cleanse one of the most important organs of your body – the gut and the colon – and will leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy.

MY RESULTS AFTER DAY 3 – It was amazingly difficult to not snack during this day but I can’t deny the results were awesome. 3 days of juice cleanse had left me with a lot of energy and generally, a buoyant mood. My skin was soft and supple, there was no dry patches or new acne anywhere. Part of it was because I was trying on a bunch of honey masks during that time but the cleanse did its job. I also noticed that I wasn’t experiencing the usual period cramps that mark the first day of my cycle. However, the boredom was real and it had set in, and despite the benefits, I was genuinely relieved that my juice cleanse was over. I did love the amazing benefits that came with the detox drinks though.


While a 3 day detox comes with its own set of benefits, the boredom that I mentioned earlier on can stop you from continuing with your detox diet. That is why it’s important to mix it up, especially for people like me who are frequent food monotony sufferers. These are one serve drinks so obviously, you’ll have to put a bit of work in for your 3 day juice cleanse.

Here are 10 juice cleanse detox drinks that will ensure you enjoy your detox journey and get more benefits out of it –


juice cleanse detox drinks watermelon

My blood sugar tends to fluctuate all throughout the day (by fluctuate, I mean it rises!). I’ve noticed that starting my day with a decent dose of fruit derived sugar helps keep my blood sugar levels stable all day long. That is why I love this juice recipe with cooling basil, tangy lime, and hydrating watermelon for the start of the morning.


Aerial view of woman with a hot cup of tea

I love drinking tea and one could say that I have something of an addiction with tea. But the teas using in tea cleanses must be taken without sugar and without dairy (preferably) unless you’re using almond milk. My top teas for a tea cleanse include – Matcha, Oolong, Rooibos, White Tea, and Mint Tea. Also, as a fun fact, Kendal Jenner swears by her “teatox” regimen.


You’d think that a green detox drink would taste as horrible as it looks but I don’t find that to be true for this one. It has the goodness of apples which adds some sweetness, the warmth from ginger, and the tang of ginger to balance the fiber taste of all the greens. See the full recipe here.


Everyone has heard of the lemonade cleanse, thanks to Orange is the New Black. It includes cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and maple syrup. I honestly got hooked to this one as a morning starter drink when I read that Beyonce loves it. Click here for the recipe.


Now, one thing they don’t tell you about a detox cleanse is that you’ll be hungry all the time – all the time! Smoothies are a great way to fill you up and also give you energy. You need fiber and it’s best to stay away from starch during a detox so a smoothie is almost an essential for me. Click here for the full recipe that comes with the goodness of oatmeal, green apples, coconut water, and some fresh herbs.


juice cleanse detox drinks


This smoothie was something I found when I was looking for a delicious hangover cure for a friend. She’d watched that Brooklyn 99 episode where Jake drinks raw eggs (yuck!) and both of us were debating if powering through the hangover might just be a better option when we came across this. Click here for the full recipe that includes frozen raspberries, beetroots, sea salt, black pepper, and so much more. It looks as delish as it tastes.


juice cleanse detox drinks

This is a tasty detox drink that I include in every juice cleanse because I love the combo of pineapples and pomegranates. The original recipe that can be found here comes with a good kick of ginger but I usually exclude it because for some reason, I get boils every time I include ginger in this recipe. It probably has something to do with the combo of all the ingredients but keep it in mind when you try it.


Cucumbers, apples, mint, and strawberries combine to give you a super hydration detox juice recipe that will jumpstart your dry skin in the morning. I will often add some coconut water to this juice to further intensify the tropical vibes. If you’re looking for an Instagram worthy shot, add a bit of beets to this recipe.


The gorgeous golden color of this detox drinks comes from turmeric which I love in my pantry. I use it for several face masks and I use it in my food constantly. As a detox drinks ingredient, it boosts the metabolism and breaks down all the toxins that are in your body. It especially works great for you skin. See full recipe here.


juice cleanse detox drinks apple cider vinegar

Whenever I feel like my skin feels dry and blotch, and my body isn’t functioning as well as I’d like it to, I’ll go to my daily detox juice drink. I use 1/2 tsp of organic Apple Cider Vinegar with mother and mix it in a glass of water. That’s it! You can add lemon juice to it as well but the traditional recipe of ACV plus water works best for me.


Ultimately, you can’t try to lose weight for long term with a juice cleanse because whatever you lose is water weight and you will gain it back when the juice cleanse is over. You have to combine it with a decent exercise routine and healthy eating. I often keep my cheat meals in the morning before lunch because then I have the rest of the day to work them off my back.

Choose to be healthy and use these cleanses every once in a while to reboot your system, but don’t rely on them to work miracles. Juice cleanses are brilliant for getting glowing skin though, and that’s the reason I use them!


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