DIY Eyelash Growth Serum – How To Get Long Lashes

Eyelash growth hasn’t been something I’ve pursued properly in the past as I have these last few months. With a lot of lashes falling out due to overuse of waterproof mascara and plucking them out as a child, I was pretty scared that I had ruined my lashes forever. However, I recently came across an amazing eyelash growth serum recipe that has changed the way my lashes look. They are glossier, long, soft, and are growing at a steady rate.


CASTOR OIL (30 ml)

eyelash growth castor oil benefits
Benefits of Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth

Now, I’ve been using Castor oil for ages for hair growth and hair fall control. As someone with curly and damaged hair in the past, it has really changed my hair. I can tell you that castor oil has been one of the foolproof things that have helped reduce breakage, combat damage, and bring life back into my hair. That’s why it does not surprise me that it also helps in eyelash growth.

Castor oil helps dry skin and if you are experiencing lashes that are breaking off too quickly, you’ll love this. It is an amazing moisturizer for your lashes as well. You’ll notice that your lashes are longer and are growing much more quickly thanks to the castor oil in your DIY eyelash growth serum. It has a thick consistency so it’s always best to water it down with some other amazing oils.


eyelash growth vitamin E
Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Eyelash Growth

The main benefit of using Vitamin E for eyelash growth and any other kind of hair growth is preventing premature shedding. If your lashes are breaking off and you’re now left with stubbier, new lashes, Vitamin E will ensure that they stay strong and complete their full cycle.

As you’ll read further in this article, a single lash is supposed to stay on for 4 to 8 months. But if you’re experiencing lashes that don’t grow or always seem to fall out, it means that you need Vitamin E. If you incorporate Vitamin E rich foods in your overall diet as well, you’ll notice that your skin and hair are smoother as well.


eyelash growth almond oil benefits
Benefits of Almond Oil for Eyelash Growth

Ever looked at those supermodel lashes (sans mascara) and how glossy, shiny, and long they look? When your eyelashes are healthy, they will look moisturized and glossy. The gloss also helps to make them look longer than they actually are. That’s why sweet almond oil is a part of this DIY eyelash growth serum.

It performs the main job of smoothing the skin on your lids and improving the life cycle of your lash. This means that you’ll get stronger, lengthy lashes for a long time. Grandma used to make me and my brother eat 20 almonds in the morning every day, no wonder I had great lashes in school.

ARGAN OIL (5 ml)

eyelash growth argan oil
Benefits of Argan Oil for Eyelash Growth

Argan oil is such a miracle hair product because it contains fatty acids that are amazing for skin and Vitamin A which is a great moisturizer. That’s why I always keep a bottle in my cabinet. Because anytime I start experiencing hairfall, I’ll not only check which supplements I’m missing but also further help the cause with argan oil treatments.

When you start using this argan oil based eyelash growth serum, you will realize that your lashes look much longer. It promotes growth and keeps your lashes hydrated, ensuring that they don’t flake off or look wispy.

ALOE VERA GEL (2 tbsp)

eyelash growth aloe vera gel benefits
Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for Eyelash Growth

Finally, the last ingredient is as much a protector and sealant for your lash serum as it is a moisturizer. Aloe Vera gel has many benefits but it does the job of sealing in moisture very well. A lot of people rave about Vaseline for the same reason but it gave me an eye infection, my doctor said it was clogging my tear ducts. When I moved to Aloe Vera and stayed away from said tear ducts, everything for perfect.


Now that you know what these amazing ingredients do for your lashes, it’s time to get working to make your amazing eyelash growth serum.

  • CASTOR OIL, 100% COLD PRESSED¬† (30ml)
  • FRESH ALOE VERA GEL (2 tbsp)
  • ARGAN OIL,¬†100% COLD PRESSED (5ml)
  • VITAMIN E OIL (5ml)

Make sure the bottle is clean and leave it overnight to dry. If you’re making a smaller batch, you can also use an old mascara bottle that has been cleaned thoroughly. Once you add all the ingredients together, they should have a gel like consistency, thanks to the aloe vera. If the eyelash growth serum you’ve made is too oily, you need to add more Aloe Vera gel.


I use an eyeliner brush and a mascara wand alternatively to apply this serum. So, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I use the eyeliner brush and saturate the roots. I start from the inner corner and go outwards. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I use a mascara wand and run the serum through my lashes after I’ve taken the excess off properly at the lip of the container. Sundays are days off for my lashes (and I’m too lazy to do eyelash care on Sunday).


When your eyelashes are growing, they’ll usually go through three phases. The Anagen phase or the active growth phase, Catagen phase or the transition phase, and Telogen phase or the resting phase.

Every single eyelash will go through these phases and they may not match with the phases the other lashes are going through.


eyelash growth how to grow long lashes

Lasting for about 4 to 6 weeks, the Anagen phase is the time when your lashes are constantly growing and trying to reach the next stage. This stage will determine how long your lashes will be. If you have a biotin deficiency or are picking on your lashes and plucking them out, you can interfere with this stage. I think of this as the high school phase for my lashes – they are full of hope and joy, and are trying not to be bopped down.


eyelash growth how to grow long lashes

Lasting for roughly 3 weeks, the Catagen phase is when the follicles start shrinking and your lashes are as long as they are going to be. This isn’t the growth phase so they will not grow at the stage and beyond this point. Think about it this way – your lashes have been through high school ups and downs, they are not looking forwards to repeating it. They just want to find a good college now and move on to a great job.


eyelash growth how to grow long lashes

This is the final phase that will last for over 3 months. Once the resting phase is over, your lash will fall out without any help, making way for a new lash to take its place. I think of this as the retirement stage after a, hopefully, decent run. Your lash has experienced the fun of being of top of their professional and just wants to rest in peace now, at their cottage of other fallen lashes.

Depending on the health of your eyelashes, it could take around 4 months or even 8 months for a lash to fall out and renew.


The best tip I received was from a makeup artist (before I started using this serum). She recommended not going for waterproof mascara all the time and instead, using regular mascara on average days. We don’t need waterproof everyday and the formula tends to dry out the lashes and the skin as well. Save it for those days when you are going to cry, will be swimming, or just really need your lashes to be bullet proof.