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10 5-Minute Hairstyles For Short Hair & Medium Hair

I don’t miss my long hair (they reached my butt at one point and are shoulder length now) but it is a pain styling short hair. I’ve been collecting a bunch of hairstyles for short hair ever since my big chop. But the big problem is – they are either meant for hair longer than mine or they are too difficult for morning rush! I like these simple and quick hairstyles for short hair that don’t make me late (or pull out my hair in frustration).

5 Minute Hairstyles for Short Hair & Medium Hair Length

I’d suggest you get your bobby pins, hair spray, teasing comb, and hair brushes in front of you because these easy breezy hairstyles for short hair would need those!


hairstyles for short hair double bun
Image by Refinery 29

I like this kinda bedhead bun because it encourages my flyaways to…well, fly away! The steps are simple –

  • Part your hair into four sections and do two twist buns with the back sections, these don’t need to be perfect.
  • Now take the front sections and coil them around the two buns, making sure you go slightly over your ear for that laid back model-off-duty look.
  • If your buns don’t seem secure enough, use bobby pins to pin them in place.
  • Pull out some pieces from the front – you can curl these away from your face.
  • Use a cool headband or scarf to accessorize your hair look!
  • Rock the day in your buns!


I do variations of this hairstyle when I need to look polished for a meeting but don’t have the time to do much. The steps are –

  • When you’re blowdrying your hair, take small pieces and twist them around. You can also do overnight braids on wet hair to get curls in the morning.
  • Part your hair in the middle and take a section (around 2″ thick) from near the part. Start doing a standard three strand braid away from your face and towards the back of your head.
  • Use an elastic to secure the braid and hide the ends under your hair, pinning it behind your head as you go.
  • If you have a bit more time, take some pieces at the front and curl them away from your face.
  • Use a hairspray to set this look, and go take on the world!


hairstyles for short hair
Image by missysue

If you know how to do a lace braid, cool! I don’t though. And at 7 am in the morning, I am not going to find out how. So, I do this one with a simple three strand braid or a french braid.

  • Section off the front of your hair and gather the rest in a high pony tail at the top of your head. Coil the pony tail on itself and use an elastic to create a bun. The hair that falls out can be pinned in place, I just leave it be.
  • Start braiding the front section away from your face and towards the high bun you’ve just created.
  • Wrap the three strand braid/french braid braid around the bun if it is long enough or just pin it under the bun, making sure to hide the ends well with bobby pins.
  • Use a rat tail comb to gently loosen the hair between the braid and the bun.
  • Pull some strands out from the front, curl them, and use hairspray liberally.
  • Use a chic hairband and you’re done! Turn those heads!


hairstyles for short hair top knot half knot

No 5 minute hairstyle listicle is complete without a top knot and half knot recommendation, imo. I abuse this style quite a lot and do different variations for it – double knot, braided knot, etc. The versatility of this style makes it one of the best hairstyles for short hair Let’s go through the basic steps –

  • Tease your hair at the crown, nothing worse than a flat looking knot look. If you have thin hair or damaged hair, better use dry shampoo and scrunch up the roots instead of using a teasing brush.
  • Do a half pony tail by gathering the hair right above your ears and tie it securely at the top of your head.
  • You can tease the pony tail or leave it as it is, depends on how thick your hair is. I’ll usually go with a texturizing spray and tease with mine.
  • Do a loose top knot and use another elastic to secure it in place. Then pull out some pieces from your top knot while securing the bun with a few bobby pins to keep it where you want for the entire day.
  • You can braid a strand and wrap it around the base of the knot for a more upscale look or braid your pony tail before creating the knot.


hairstyles for short hair fishtail braid
Image by

If you haven’t mastered the fishtail braid, you’re missing out on a lot of cool hairstyles for short hair. Here’s a handy tutorial from totalbeauty explaining how to do a fishtail braid step by step. Once you check that out, come back and follow these steps to get this hairstyle –

  • Part your hair in the middle and take two thick sections right at the front, one on either side of the part.
  • Do two fishtail braids going towards the back of the head and secure each with an elastic.
  • When both the fishtails are done, tie up the ends and combine them with another elastic. At this point, I take out the other elastics just to make it easier for me to hide them in the next step.
  • Take a strand from the end of your combined fishtail braid and wrap it around the elastic, hiding it from view. Use bobby pins to keep it in place and tuck it under the braid.
  • Put some cool accessories in your hair and look boho rocking this look!



hairstyles for short hair twist
Image by Bumble and Bumble

This chic twisted ponytail is one of the best hairstyles for short hair when the snooze button just cannot be hit enough number of times on a presentation day. It gives off serious parisienne vibes and here is how you can get it –

  • It’s best to do this look on the days you wash and blow dry your hair – essentially, your hair should look clean and shiny.
  • Run some hair serum (just a tiny bit) through the ends.
  • Gather your hair several inches over the nape of your neck and start twisting, not all the way down though.
  • As you twist, let the hair loose and keep your bobby pins ready to pin the ends.
  • Make sure to hide the pins from view and spray flexible hold hairspray liberally.
  • Take a toothbrush and gentle brush the flyaways down, et voilà!


hairstyles for short hair pull through braid
Image by The Small Things Blog

This one looks so complicated but it’s actually super easy once you see this video tutorial by The Small Things Blog. You’ll need a lot of elastics for this look, so keep the transparent ones nearby.

  • Take a small section of hair slightly to the left of your crown and secure it with an elastic. Now, create a small gap in the middle of the ponytail, over the elastic and flip.
  • Take another section, right under the first one, and create another ponytail. Split the first ponytail in half and let this one go between it. That is essentially how a pull through braid words.
  • Repeat these steps as many times as your hair length allows, I’ll usually do 2 to 3 loose ones.
  • This looks best when your hair is already slightly curled.
  • Rock your 5 minute pull through braid at work or brunch!


hairstyles for short hair chic updo
Image by

Think glittering chandeliers and you, holding a long cigarette holder (hopefully with no cigarette, smoking is bad, kids), looking wistfully towards the champagne tower and wondering – how do they get it to stand so steady. Yeah, this updo will give you The Great Gatsby vibes –

  • You’ll need an elastic headband for this one – preferably get one that matches the color of your hair. Wear it so that it rests secure right above your ears.
  • If you have layers, take small pieces and start twisting and tucking them under the headband. I have no layers right now, so I just twist the bottom of my hair and tuck it all in at once.
  • Gently, very gently, loosen random strands of hair but don’t pull them out. Use bobby pins to further secure the style.
  • You are now ready to be a 1920s diva, go find Leo!


bun hairstyles for short hair
Image by Once Wed

There is a weird sort of exhilaration when you have 5 minutes for your hair and the end result looks like you’re ready to go to a wedding. Here are the steps for this tutorial –

  • French braid your hair diagonally, starting from the opposite end of the part at the front and ending at the back.
  • If you have bangs or a fringe at the front, make sure you’re not picking any hair from that area.
  • Braid till the end of your hair.
  • Neatly roll up the hair in a bun at the side and secure you over the ear, using as many bobby pins as you need.
  • This is one of the most amazing hairstyles for short hair that hasn’t been washed but wants to look like it’s been washed.


hairstyles for short hair scarf hairstyles
Image by the Shine Project

Short hair and scarves are a match made in hair heaven. This is a cool hairstyle for short hair because it needs essentially no work, I’d say I finish it in about 2 minutes.

  • Tease the crown and tie your hair in a low bun with an elastic, as low as you can go.
  • Take a scarf, preferably a long scarf, and wrap it once, twice around the bun, hiding the elastic from view.
  • Make a pretty bow with the ends of the scarf, and that’s it. Your low bun just went from drab to fab!

Finally, the end is hair! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. If you’re looking for more cool ideas, check out these cool braid hairstyles that have been made famous by Pinterest.


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